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Is your link disavowal strategy working for you?

Our expert link disavowal service and checks will put you on the right track

Disavowing backlinks is a serious step. Blocking dodgy links from affecting your search engine rankings requires advanced technical SEO knowledge, and if you do it wrong, it can end up seriously harming the performance of your website.

We offer a professional disavowal service that can block all your spammy backlinks safely and monitor your link profile to make sure you stay protected in the future. If you’ve already done some disavowing, we can check to make sure your links have been disavowed correctly, that the bad links have been blocked and the good links left untouched.

If you need a specialist link disavowal service or if you need your disavow file checked, contact us or give us a call on +44 (0) 3301 333480.


What is link disavowal?

When you disavow a link, Google stops counting it towards your search engine rankings. The link is still online, but it can’t affect your site any more, either negatively or positively. If a link penalty has sent you crashing down the rankings, you may need to disavow some links to clean up your site and get the penalty lifted. Be careful, though: the disavowal tool is an advanced feature that should only used by someone who knows what they’re doing. It can do more damage than a penalty if it’s used incorrectly. You can easily disavow a few valuable links along with the spammy ones and cause further issues for your site.

We offer three types of disavowal service:

  1. Pre-emptive disavowal
  2. Reactive disavowal
  3. Disavowal audits

Pre-emptive Disavowal

This process allows you to remove the negative influence of links before they are picked up by an algorithm like Google Penguin or by a reviewer that might give you a manual penalty. We've seen pre-emptive work like this improve the overall quality of a link profile and actually improve rankings. The work can be done whether you've had a penalty in the past or not. However, we strongly recommend proactive monitoring and pre-emptive disavowal of links on an ongoing basis if you've already had a penalty. Either way, a pre-emptive disavowal service will catch and disavow any risky links that appear.

Reactive Disavowal

In this process, link disavowal is used to block links from affecting your rankings negatively. In this case it'll be because you’ve been given a link penalty or you’ve been penalised by Google Penguin. The odds are you’ll need to do some disavowing before you can recover. We can identify the bad links and disavow them safely, cleaning up your link profile, and documenting the process so you can get your penalty lifted. Once you’re cleaned up, you’ll be free to climb back up the rankings.

Disavow Audits

It’s important to make sure you don’t block any good links that are helping you rank higher. Unfortunately, if you’ve had to disavow hundreds of links to recover from a penalty, some of the good ones might have ended up on the list. A careless SEO might even have disavowed a large chunk of your backlinks without checking and left it at that. If you’ve already had someone disavowing your links, we can audit their work to make sure the right links have been blocked, and reverse the disavowal for the links that should be unblocked, freeing them to push your site back up the rankings.

What can we do?

We offer a professional disavowal service to help you recover from a link penalty, protect your site against further penalties in the future, and audit your previous disavowal service to ensure the process was carried out correctly. As a small team of Forensic SEO experts who specialise in helping businesses recover from Google penalties, we’ve got the experience and the technical expertise to disavow your links safely and correctly. If you need a professional link disavow team, contact us or call us today on +44 (0) 3301 333480.

Forensic SEO

Recovering from a catastrophic traffic loss requires a laser-sharp understanding of your site’s inner and outer mechanisms. We put over 100 distinct components of your site under the microscope, producing a detailed analysis of your historic search visibility, dissecting your analytics data and working with enterprise-level software to find where the problem is exactly all so we can fix your rankings quickly, without disrupting the day-to-day running of your site.

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Link Penalties

If spammy inbound links have caused your site to be devalued or pushed into the crosshairs of Google Penguin, we can provide a complete link penalty service: a profiling, cleaning, disavowal and reconsideration service that's guaranteed to decontaminate your site. We run a meticulous assessment of your links, identifying the risks, taking steps to clean the links causing you problems, and submitting a detailed reconsideration request on your behalf.

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Content Penalties

One of the most important keys to search engine success is your content. If you’ve received a manual content penalty or if your rankings have taken a plunge at the same time as a Google Panda update, then you may need a specialist content penalty and Panda recovery service to get you back on track. We provide a content audit and planning service to help get your content up to scratch, your penalty lifted, your rankings back to where they were, and your site secured for the future.

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Getting your rankings back requires two things: a complete understanding of the problem and an actionable plan to recover from it. Our Forensic SEO experts have created numerous cost-effective recovery plans to help businesses get back on their feet after suffering a devastating loss in search engine traffic. Whether you’ve received a penalty or you’re getting attacked by malware or competitor tactics, or the problem is with your site, we’ll come up with a recovery plan that will fix the issue and help secure your rankings for the future.

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