Manual Link Penalty Recovery

Have you received a manual link penalty from Google?

We've got a 100% success rate in fixing manual link penalties

If you’ve been hit by a manual link penalty, your top priority will be to get it removed as soon as possible. You might have seen a dramatic drop in your search engine rankings or organic traffic, one which could seriously harm your business, especially if your site is a major factor in pulling in customers. You need to know what you can do about it and you need to find the right people to help get it removed.

We specialise in removing Google penalties with a 100% success rate in identifying the causes of penalties and getting them lifted, using a microscopic forensic process that has been proven to work. Unlike other agencies, we don’t stop once the penalty is removed – we’ll continue to monitor your link profile over the long term to protect you from future link-related issues. We can even help you identify the real value in your link profile and show you the kind of links you should be acquiring.

If you know or suspect you’ve been hit by a Google manual link penalty and you want it removed, contact us or give us a call on +44 (0) 3301 333480.


What is a manual penalty?

This is where Google purposefully punishes an individual site that looks like it has violated its quality guidelines. If you get a penalty, the odds are that it'll be for having unnatural inbound links to your site or having too many pages with spammy or thin content, such as pages that are too heavily optimised for certain keywords.

There are two forms of manual link penalties taken by Google: a site-wide manual action (or site-wide match), where your entire website has received a penalty, and a partial manual action (or partial match), where only a section or part of your site has received a penalty. You may be given a list of URLs or sections that have been affected.

If you’ve been hit by a site-wide manual action, it could dramatically hurt your business. It will definitely feel like a penalty, a painful one at that. Partial actions may or may not affect your rankings as drastically – they can even alert you to negative SEO attacks – but they will usually repress specific pages you may want visibility for.

Manual penalties can make your site lose rankings on its most valuable keyphrases and cause a fall in organic traffic. If you’ve noticed either of these things, you may have been hit. You can check to see if you’ve received a manual penalty by looking at your account in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). If you have a penalty you will have received a message from Google in the new ‘Manual Actions’ section, but you should receive a notification in your Search Console inbox as well.

What can we do about it?

Google requires your site to meet a set of criteria drawn from its quality guidelines before it will lift the penalty.

In the case of link penalties they'll need you to identify and remove the links that are contravening those guidelines. The problem is they don't tell you which links to remove. They don't even give you a full list of the links they can see pointing to your site, and it's very hard to find them unless you've got the right tools.  

That means you need reliable and experienced link penalty recovery help to find, contact and clean (remove) the offending links, then to submit a comprehensive reconsideration request to Google. That's where we come in. 

If you’ve received a penalty, we can help you remove it. Our SEO team specialises entirely in diagnosing and recovering from Google penalties, with total transparency and cooperativeness throughout the entire process, and our recovery plans have been proven to work.

If you’d like help identifying or removing a manual penalty, or you’d like to understand if you’re at risk from receiving a penalty, contact us or call us on +44 (0) 3301 333480.

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