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Google Panda punishes a website for having poor quality content or poor user experience by slashing its search engine rankings. If you’ve lost traffic despite having a clean link profile, you may have been struck out by the latest Panda update. We’re a team of Forensic SEO experts that specialise in penalty recovery, and we know exactly what kind of content Panda wants to see. We can offer you a specialist service to improve the quality of your content, meet Panda’s requirements, and get your site back on the road to recovery.

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What is Google Panda?

Google’s mission is help their users to find sites that match or anticipate their needs.

They promote sites that give value to their users, whether’s that’s useful information, something entertaining, or even just a page that very clearly offers what the searcher searched for quickly.

In 2011, Google introduced an update to its search results ranking algorithm that actually demotes sites that don’t provide any value to their users. We call this update Panda.

Panda’s job is to filter the search engine results, trying to make sure all the sites Google indexes and ranks favourably provide value to their users.

It does this by looking at the content and user experience of a site: what it says, what kind of pages or blog posts it has, how relevant it is to what users search for to find it, how it’s put together, how user-friendly it is, and so on. It updates regularly, keeping the search results free of low value sites.

If your search engine rankings have been unusually low lately and you’ve exhausted the most likely causes – having too many dodgy links, for example – there’s a strong chance you’ve been knocked by Panda for having low quality content. That includes:

  • Low-grade, badly written or lack of content
  • Duplicate content on your own site
  • Content plagiarised from other sites
  • Inappropriate content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Doorway pages and thin affiliate pages
  • Intolerably slow site speed
  • Poor user experience, including broken links
  • Security issues

What we can do

Sometimes there are quick fixes to Panda but in most cases the causes are rooted deeply in the site structure and content, making the changes more complicated and drawn-out. The ‘art’ to recovery is proper identification of the cause and we always recommend this as a first step. Therefore the first step is always: Issue Diagnosis.

It's not always easy to identify the exact issue causing the problem. Without the correct diagnosis you can't proceed with the right remedy. We've worked with businesses that have previously assumed they had a link-related issue and cleaned lots of links only to find out that in fact their problem was content-related. Our Issue Diagnosis service takes an informed look at your analytics, the technical aspects of your site, its content, and bespoke reports to give a watertight appraisal of the issue.

Essentially the process involves a set of audits that cover:

  • Traffic trends in Google Analytics
  • Website change history
  • Site hierarchy & architecture
  • Keyphrase focus & rankings
  • Technical performance & optimisation
  • Content
  • Design & UX
  • SEO best practices
  • Browser compatibility & compliance

Plus, and very importantly, we will also review the top non-penalised competitors. This gives us a ‘control’ to compare your site against.

You will receive a set of spreadsheets and supporting reports that outline all the issues, which ones are likely to have contributed to the Panda penalty. Once we’ve established the cause, we can create an actionable, cost-effective plan to fix it in time for the next feasible Panda update. And we don’t stop there: we can then make recommendations for future work to protect your site against further penalties. We’re the penalty recovery specialists, and we’ve helped dozens of businesses restore their lost rankings so they can move forward stronger than ever.

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Forensic SEO

Recovering from a catastrophic traffic loss requires a laser-sharp understanding of your site’s inner and outer mechanisms. We put over 100 distinct components of your site under the microscope, producing a detailed analysis of your historic search visibility, dissecting your analytics data and working with enterprise-level software to find where the problem is exactly all so we can fix your rankings quickly, without disrupting the day-to-day running of your site.

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Link Penalties

If spammy inbound links have caused your site to be devalued or pushed into the crosshairs of Google Penguin, we can provide a complete link penalty service: a profiling, cleaning, disavowal and reconsideration service that's guaranteed to decontaminate your site. We run a meticulous assessment of your links, identifying the risks, taking steps to clean the links causing you problems, and submitting a detailed reconsideration request on your behalf.

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Content Penalties

One of the most important keys to search engine success is your content. If you’ve received a manual content penalty or if your rankings have taken a plunge at the same time as a Google Panda update, then you may need a specialist content penalty and Panda recovery service to get you back on track. We provide a content audit and planning service to help get your content up to scratch, your penalty lifted, your rankings back to where they were, and your site secured for the future.

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Getting your rankings back requires two things: a complete understanding of the problem and an actionable plan to recover from it. Our Forensic SEO experts have created numerous cost-effective recovery plans to help businesses get back on their feet after suffering a devastating loss in search engine traffic. Whether you’ve received a penalty or you’re getting attacked by malware or competitor tactics, or the problem is with your site, we’ll come up with a recovery plan that will fix the issue and help secure your rankings for the future.

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